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Reservation Information

Please note: The earliest time for an event to take place in the Multicultural Center is at 5:30pm. The Multicultural Center is only available to recognized University student organizations and departments for special events, and not for recurring weekly or monthly meetings. Programs and events that take place in the Multicultural Center must pertain to diversity, multiculturalism and social justice.

Please fill in all fields of this form. Fields noted with an asterisk are required and your submission will not be accepted until each of the fields has been completed. Requests will not be considered unless they are submitted at least five(5) business days prior to the proposed date of your event.

Please refer to the Multicultural Center reservation calendar to ensure there is not another event already scheduled for the date or time you are requesting.

The Multicultural Center is a facility that welcomes campus organizations, clubs, departments, and special events. The following information is provided to assist you in completing the Multicultural Center Reservation Request Form and in using The Center.

Making Reservations

If you wish to reserve The Center for a special event or program complete the Multicultural Center Reservations Request Form. Please note that the Multicultural Center is only available to recognized University organizations for special events. The Student Union has other rooms that may be used for regular and/or large meetings. Please keep in mind that all events that are held in The Center must end no later than 10:00 p. m. You should also be aware that the maximum capacity of The Center is fifty (50) standing and thirty (30) seated. If you anticipate a larger audience you should make other arrangements. So that you can be best served, your completed Reservation Request Form should be submitted at least 5 business days prior to the proposed date of your event.

All communication regarding the scheduling of The Center will be made and/or sent to the contact person listed on The Center Reservation Request Form.

The Center's staff has the responsibility of supplying the Multicultural Student Development with a copy of your request so that you can receive proper confirmation. Please keep in mind that your request for a reservation is not secure until you receive a copy of the Confirmation Form.

Set-Up of The Center

Although The Center has no formal arrangement, the style of furniture provides an inviting living room type of atmosphere. If you wish to alter the furniture arrangement in any way, please indicate your request on the Reservation Request Form and attach a sketch of your desired seating arrangement on a copy of the layout of The Center. Additional chairs can be brought in up to the maximum seating capacity of thirty (30).

View the Multicultural Center's Floor Plan [pdf 72k]


With help from the Student Union, The Center can supply your event with most equipment that you may require for an event such as podium, microphone, sound system, overhead projector, etc. The Center has an automatic projection screen located at the back of the room. The control for the screen is located next to the light switch to the right of the front double doors. Please do not tape, staple, or pin any objects to the screen.

Refreshments/Catering Services

Food is welcomed in The Center during scheduled events. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the Multicultural Center. If you wish to serve refreshments at any planned event, please keep in mind that the person(s) or group(s) planning the event should contact ASU Food Services. The Center staff is not responsible for making these arrangements.

Any leftover food items must be removed from the center after the event. Contact the Student Union Information Desk if there is a need for additional trashcans.

Clean-Up of The Center

Please make sure that you leave the room as neat as possible. If a spill does occur, please contact the Student Union Information Desk. If any other types of damages occur, please contact the Student Union Information Desk immediately. The Multicultural Student Development should be notified as soon as possible following the event.

Contract Agreement

Before your may submit your reservation you must agree to the terms of use for the Multicultural Center outlined in the Multicultural Center Information Sheet (above). Your response indicates that the information on the Reservation Form is correct and complete. It also indicates that the information on this, the Multicultural Center Reservation Information Sheet has been understood or that questions were asked and information was received from a member of The Center's staff regarding any information that was not clear.

If you have a question about reservations, you may contact Kira Taylor by email or call

If you are interested in reserving the Multicultural Center, please fill out this form.