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Welcome to the Multicultural Center at Appalachian State University – a vibrant hub that embraces the diversity and uniqueness of our community! Whether you're a student, faculty member, or visitor, we invite you to explore our inclusive space. Established in 1995, we stand as a testament to the university's commitment to fostering an environment of tolerance, understanding, and acceptance. Join us in discovering various multicultural groups' rich history, traditions, and contributions. Dive into thought-provoking programs, consider partnerships, or reserve our space for gatherings. Located in Suite 217 of the Plemmons Student Union, across from Club Hub, our center is a popular spot for students to gather and socialize. After 5:00 pm, it's available for reservations by recognized university clubs, organizations, departments, and groups. Embrace the spirit of inclusivity with us, where respect, communication, and cooperation form the foundation for meaningful interactions. Whether you're here for information or inspiration, the Multicultural Center welcomes you to a space where every culture is celebrated and every voice is heard!

Established in 1995 within Plemmons Student Union, the Multicultural Center has been integral to the Office of Intercultural Student Affairs. Its inception traces back to the Multicultural Center Planning Committee sponsored by the Office of African-American Student Development in 1995. The committee provided a platform for students representing diverse ethnic and cultural groups to address common needs and concerns.

The Multicultural Center serves as a bridge, connecting and promoting the uniqueness of various multicultural groups. We encourage respect and appreciation for these diverse groups' history, traditions, and culture. Through exhibits, programs, activities, and lectures, we aim to enhance the rich cultures that make up our collective community.

How Do We Serve Our Community?
Committed to cultural inclusiveness, the Multicultural Center, in collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Student Development, educates the campus community about ethnic cultures and general diversity. We celebrate the contributions of diverse cultures and work with students from different backgrounds to create a supportive campus environment for their educational goals.

1. Support and enhance existing cultural programs.
2. Provide a facility for smaller, intimate functions like group discussions, lectures, and brown bags.
3. Foster an environment of tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of different cultures.
4. Encourage the appreciation of all cultures, focusing on the Appalachian culture in relation to different ethnic and cultural groups.
5. The Multicultural Center promotes awareness, understanding, and appreciation of all ethnic cultures and groups at Appalachian State University.

Programming, Partnerships, and Collaboration
Get involved with the Multicultural Center by participating in programming or cultivating partnerships. Connect with us at [email protected] to explore exciting opportunities.

Location and Reservations
Find us in Suite 117 of the Plemmons Student Union, across from Club Hub! Our space is a popular spot for students to gather and socialize. After 5:00 pm, recognized university clubs, organizations, and departments may reserve the Multicultural Center.

Reservations may be made using the grey button on the right side of this page. Reminders: This form must be filled out at least one week in advance, and priority will be given to those who have reserved the space ahead of time. Please allow for 1-2 days (or the next operational day if the form is submitted over the weekend) to receive a confirmation.