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Multicultural Center  Reservations

If you are interested in reserving the Multicultural Center, please contact Plemmons Student Union Reservations.

Programming, Partnerships and Collaboration

If you are interested in programming with the Multicultural Center or cultivating a partnership, please contact us at:


The Multicultural Center (MCC) was established in Plemmons Student Union in 1995. The MCC is directed by the Office of Multicultural Student Development in the Department of Student Engagement and Leadership.

The Multicultural Center at Appalachian State University began with a Multicultural Center Planning Committee sponsored by the Office of African-American Student Development in the spring and summer of 1995. The planning committee provided a forum where students representing small ethnic and cultural groups on campus could share common needs and concerns.

The most frequent participants on the Multicultural Center Planning Committee and forum, felt that a multicultural center would act as a visible symbol of the university's commitment to diversity, and give students from small ethnic and cultural groups a feeling of ownership and belonging in the university community.


The Multicultural Center at Appalachian State University provides a bridge that connects and promotes the uniqueness of various multicultural groups; while it encourages respect and appreciation of the history, traditions and culture of these diverse groups. We accomplish this by providing a venue for hosting exhibits, programs, activities and lectures that seek to enhance the rich cultures that comprise our collective community.

How Do We Serve Our Community?

The MCC promotes a philosophy of cultural inclusiveness in our services and programs in conjunction with the Office of Multicultural Student Development. Through educational training programs, individual consultation and group advising we educate the campus community about ethnic cultures, and general diversity and celebrate the rich contributions of those cultures to our campus community and model how to live in a multicultural world. Of equal importance, we work with students from different ethnic backgrounds to create a campus environment that supports their educational goals.


  • To support and enhance existing cultural programs
  • To provide a facility for smaller more "intimate" functions, such as small group discussions, lectures, brown bags, etc.
  • To foster an environment of tolerance, understanding and acceptance of different cultures
  • To encourage the appreciation of all cultures, particularly the Appalachian culture as it relates to different ethnic and cultural groups.

With these goals in mind, the Multicultural Center fosters an inclusive environment where respect, communication, and cooperation form the basis for multicultural interaction. The Multicultural Center seeks to actively promote awareness, understanding, and appreciation of all ethnic cultures and groups at Appalachian State University.


The Multicultural Center is located in room 112 Plemmons Student Union. It is located on International Hallway across the from Crossroads Coffeehouse and housed between the Looking Glass Art Gallery and the ASU Women Center.

The space is typically a popular place for students to gather and socialize, however after 5:00pm it can be reserved for use by recognized university clubs, organizations, departments and groups.